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Welcome to our yet new original Maritime Discovery, a very significant discovery since the original days of sailing ships, in fact; a new discovery Innovated and tested as safe plus beneficial, and while we must keep the trade-secrets we do share some basic information and our posted information on the special opportunity in our search for the sought wise Maritime Partner.

For basic original corporate information about our discovery based inventions, please also visit our site at “Superior Hulls” and/or also to the newer information sharing website https://flying-boats.com – created with more information for the potential partners in our project we are seeking to contact us.

Please Note:

The key most modern wisdom we employ, because of the nature of the IP industry, is the pre-patent — pre-partnering method; so that the full patent as well as all its global protection is as if the technology was developed in-house by our corporate collaboration with our wise sought partner, just prior to the planned Market Introduction news for the Maritime Industry.   This special more modern business strategy plan will be most suitable to the wiser already major maritime corporation in Shipbuilding and/or boats/yachts-manufacturing as well as defense and racing, a wise partner with growth objectives in the arts of superior-hulls performance.

There is a website we sponsor which covers our wisdom in the art of protecting better any valued new know-how.  It is based on our original consulting to the Patent Office and the way we have been successfully keeping our patent options even years before PTAB risks had entered the IP Industry.

There are actually two websites, one is set for the Governments +Industry and the other is set for the Inventors + Investors in the industry.

We have a more modern Patenting way